A Gippsland Hideaway

Dante and I had not been camping for SO LONG! With both of us being overseas for a while, then many busy weekends moving house and then Christmas, it had been six months since our last camping trip.

While we both had a few days off over the new year, we headed east of Melbourne to Gippsland and the Briagolong State Forest.

Neither of us had heard of Briagolong until we saw a post online about some ‘epic’ swim spot called the Blue Pool. Upon further research of this area, we discovered that the forest had a lot to offer. Much quieter than other popular summertime camping spots, Briagolong also has surprisingly many camping grounds in a beautiful bush setting.

3.5 hours in the car with my main man!

After packing our camping gear and stocking the esky, we drove three and a half hours across the city and east to Gippsland.

We initially thought we would stay at the Blue Pool camp ground so we had easy access to the swimming hole. Upon arrival though, we found it to be super packed. We were after a bit of quiet, so checked out The Quarries camp ground as our second option. This turned out to be a great move as it was much bigger, sites were more spread out and it had a more chilled vibe to it.

Dante had recently got as new tent and as it goes, it was interesting setting it up. The tent is huge and has all kinds of extra zips, ropes and flaps we couldn’t see an immediate purpose for. After only a few laps around the base, working out which way the fly was meant to go on, we were good. We have definitely moved up in the camping world with our very fancy and spacious tent.

The weather was overcast but still warm. We seemed to have avoided the predicted showers as well. So after setting up the tent, we went for a walk a very short way to the nearby creek.


This area has calm and shallow water, fringed by rocky banks. It is ideal for children, dogs and laying about on an inflatable doughnut, which we saw a few people doing. We also saw a couple of people, fishing rods in hand, heading further up the creek. Plenty to do!


After a bit of a walk around and a meditation session on some big rocks, we headed back to the campsite and made our dinner of veggie burgers. It definitely hit the spot, camping meals always seem to.  It wasn’t long until it was dark time for bed.



On the last day of the year we wanted to hang out a bit at the Blue Pool. I thought I saw a sign somewhere that said it was 2km away. Definitely a walkable distance so we headed off on foot. I obviously got my information wrong. We had been walking about 40 minutes when Dante  suggested maybe it wasn’t 2km and lo and behold, after checking with Google Maps, it was 6 km between The Quarries and the Blue Pool. This didn’t bother us as it was a lovely sunny day and we had all the time in the world.



Once we got to the Blue Pool, it was pretty busy, even though it was still morning. The swimming hole has a rocky shore,  a rope swing and some cool rocks to scramble over further down from the shore.


After a swim and some reading on the shore, we returned to camp where we had lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent down at the creek. It was the perfect afternoon to lay around in the sun and chill.

Our night was spent around the fire, enjoying the stars in the sky and roasting marshmallows. A great end to a very relaxing few days away.


Wishing you all a fantastic 2017! May it be filled with many outdoors adventures 🙂



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