Beach chills at Mazunte!

I wasn’t planning on hitting the Pacific coast of Mexico. I didn’t think I would be able to fit it in to my original plan. But when that plan changed and I had a bit more time to spend in Mexico, I thought I could take a quick look at the area.

Oaxaca’s Pacific coast has many beach towns scattered along it. In my travels I had been given  many suggestions about which beach is best. I settled on Mazunte.

The ADO bus I caught from San Cristobal got me as close as Pochutla, a town about 20km from the coast and Mazunte. From Pochutla, I got a collectivo (this one was a ute with a roof over the tray and some benches built in) which started with about 8 people, full-ish. Every few minutes the vehicle would stop and a few more people would get on. Then more. And this kept happening until over 25 people were firmly pressed against one another and another few were hanging off the back. It was a tonne of fun!

On arrival in Mazunte, I checked into a hostel on the beach. I got myself my own room for a change, sharing in dorms was starting to get less novel. This little ended up being kinda like a treehouse! And my bed was a swing! Plus, the view from the hostel’s restaurant was perfect, 180 degrees of beach. Mega score! All for an outrageous $16/night.

I had made it in time for the morning yoga class so joined in. My body definitely appreciated rinsing out after a long overnight bus ride.

After yoga and breakfast, I took a walk along the beach where I got caught by surprise by a massive wave. It went completely over my head and came from no where. I had been warned this beach can have strong currents and big waves, now I knew that truth.


Completed soaked head to toe, I made my way to the Natioanl Mexican Turtle Centre. This centre was set up in the early 90’s after some species almost became extinct due to fishing and hunting. The centre is a bit too zoo-ish for my liking, I hate seeing any animals locked up. I do realise that this centre is doing their best in the name of conservation, so I am hopeful it is making a difference.

Mainly sea turtles live at the centre but there are some land and fresh water turtles too. Some of them are so weird looking! But gorgeous at the same time, ya know?

After meeting the turtles, I had a walk around town and booked my bus ticket for two days times. I like to get these things organised early, can’t help myself but to be organised! The town is pretty small and really only has two main streets: the road coming from Pochulta and going to the other beaches, and the street going off this main road to the main beach area of Mazunte. There are a few other little streets and laneways. There are plenty of places to eat and stay, many yoga offerings (they all seemed to offer just morning classes though), a handful of tour agencies and some surf shops. I found a great cafe with lots of vegetarian options plus Kombucha. There is also juice bar with awesome combinations. In my three days here, I was a regular costumer.

I spent the rest if the afternoon at the beach. As I mentioned earlier, the waves are petty big and there are dangerous rips in a lot of places. So there’s only a small section of the beach that is are to swim. The water was so perfectly warm, it was blissful.


The rest of my day included a decent but sweaty  run towards Zipolite and back, a HIiT workout, dinner then some reading.

My second day was meant to start with yoga again but the teacher didn’t show up! So I had breakfast overlooking the beach, walked around town and then went to the beach. After lunch, I went looking for the path to Punta Cometa, a viewpoint on a cliff. I got a bit off track (not lost…) and ended up at a random beach. I did a workout here, hard work on the sand but fun!

After I was sufficiently sweaty and covered in black sand, I set off to really find Punta Cometa. I asked some people and they got me onto the right track.

After a small stretch of forest, the path opens up to beautify coastal views. After taking some snaps, I sat down, planning to watch the sun set. I watched most of it and it was pretty, but decided I wasn’t in the mood. It really made me miss Dante so I left before it had fully set. I was hungry anyway!


After dinner and a shower, I hopped into my swing bed and read, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

I’m heading inland now to Oaxaca, the capital city of the state.

Catch you then, Mel





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