Magic Bacalar!

My first stop for Mexico was Bacalar.

Bacalar is one of Mexico’s ‘Magic’ towns. I’m not sure how a town gets this status, I will do more investigating on this.

The town itself is small, its main attraction it’s Laguna de Bacalar. This lake or lagoon, is simply beautiful. The water is warm: think the most ideal swimming temperature. It is also a range of beautiful blue and green colours. This changes depending where you are on the lake.

As I normally do when I arrive somewhere new, I took a walk around town to get my bearings and Susa out the vibe.

First I walked along the path by the lagoon, occasionally catching glimpses of the beautiful water. Many hotels, hostels and restaurants lined this road. There are also plenty of men offering lancha (boat) tours on the lagoon. After booking my SUP tour for the following morning, I walked into town itself.

The central park is very pretty. Each time I went there were many people relaxing in the park. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around town, as well as some little food stands selling tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican foods.


My absolute favourite place to eat was a vegan cafe called Mango y Chile. I ate pretty much every meal here. I can’t rave about it enough. They have burgers, tacos, donuts, shakes, coffee, juices and more. All healthy and absolutely delicious! The owners are also super nice and provided wonderful service. If you’re in Bacalar, you’ll find them right next to the old fortress.

After exploring town, I went for a nice long run along the road by the lagoon. It was pretty hot but bearable.

The following morning I joined a stand up paddle board tour. I’d been meaning to try SUP-ing for some time now, but it just hasn’t happened. As expected, I loved it! We started at 6am as the sun was getting up. It was drizzling slightly, but this didn’t last long.


Our instructor was a super chilled Mexican guy from Baja California. He showed us the basics of SUP technique and off we went. Surprising, the SUP technique isn’t difficult to master. We started on our knees and progressed quickly to our feet.

We were the only ones on the lagoon which made for a peaceful experience.


We paddled over to the black cenote which is 100 meters deep. The water went from a light blue, to dark blue to almost black. Here we played on the rope swing, had a snack and a couple of people jumped from a tree.

Next we went to the Pirates Canal.Years ago sSomeone started building a restaurant there but apparently it was stopped government, so just some foundations remained. We jumped off here also and swam around for a bit.

By then we had been going for three hours and it was time to head back to shore. I had breakfast with the group before we parted ways. really loved this tour and am a big fan of paddle boarding. Very keen to go with Dante once I am back!


My afternoon was very leisurely. I went into town for lunch (Mango y Chile of course) then chilled by the lagoon with a beer and a book. It was ideal. Chilling out is definitely the go to activity in a place like this.


I spent my last day similar to the previous: morning run, walk around town, lunch at Mango y Chile (yes it really is that good!) and lagoon-side chills.

Bacalar was a wonderful introduction to Mexico. The people are friendly, the food great and the lagoon, just beautiful! If you’re in Mexico’s east, I highly recommended you get to Bacalar, at least for a couple of days.

I’m now jumping on a 16 hour (say whaaaa?) overnight bus ride to San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas state.








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