Placencia is a narrow strip of land that lies alongside the Belizean mainland. It’s connected by land , but is very much like an island.

After getting on the wrong bus, going all the way to Belize City and back, then finally getting the right bus and then a boat to Placencia, it took me 9 hours! It was only 100km from San Ignacio so I was very happy to finally arrive.


I was welcomed by quiet, sandy roads, blue skies and palm trees. My hostel was right on the beach and next to the ‘sidewalk’, a walkway that runs parallel between the beach and main (only) road.

Checking out Placencia village didn’t take long as it is concentrated in less than 1km. It truly is an idyllic setting, with colourful buildings, white sand, clear warm water and very relaxed people. Because it was low season when I visited, most shops weren’t open and there were only a handful of other tourists around. This was perfect for me! After a few busy weeks, I was very pleased to have some chill time.

My few days in Placencia was spent being a little bit lazy. I took leisurely strolls on the beach and around town. I had green juices at cafes, lunches on the beach. I read in hammocks and on the sand and had many swims in the warm ocean.

I went running and did my own yoga practice, so I wasn’t completely sloth like. It was like a mini vacation from backpacking and I loved every minute!

No doubt during busier times, the village would be a completely different experience to what I had.


I’ll be keeping the Caribbean vibe going as I head up to Caye Caulker.



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