Takeaways From 3 Days in Berlin

I arrived in Berlin pretty late at night and checked into my hostel.

I was feeling pretty wrecked. Yet still managed to go for a short walk to the East Side Gallery, the famous street art on a section of the Berlin Wall. Pretty early night after that.

Day 1
Decided to join another one of Sandemans Free walking tours. It was actually worthwhile. We started at the Brandenburg Gate and learnt a lot along the way. Our guide used to a history teacher so he gave some great insights.


I learnt about the history of the wall and the Brandenburg Gate. Then walked to the Holocaust Memorial.

The memorial is definitely an abstract piece. There are many different blocks and each has a unique size and shape. I believe it signifies that each person is an individual and unique.

Checkpoint Charlie was next.


This is a little touristy. It shows the checkpoint dividing the U.S. Controlled West and the Soviet controlled East Berlin. There was a famous standoff in the 60s where 10 tanks from either side lined up. If one of them had fired, no doubt it would’ve been devastating.
Hitlers bunker was next. It is now just a car park. It isn’t marked out because the Germans do not want it to attract attention.

We then went to the University Library. This was famous because the Nazi Youth once took all non-German books and burnt them out front. This is a photo of the landmark.

That was about it for our walking tour.

After lunch (had curry wurst, it was pretty good) , I decided to do a Street art tour of Berlin. It wasn’t free (like 14€) but it was worth it for sure.

Saw so many cool underground places. We went to an alleyway of street art in Hackesher Market. The part I loved most was next. It’s called suicide circus. It’s a bunch of abandoned buildings that have been covered in street art.


They now have bars, street food, a skate park, a gym, markets on Wednesdays and bouldering. It is so cool, I recommend it.


After the street art tour, grabbed some food and a drink. Went to the bar for a bit later on with my group, it was the last night of my camping tour.

Day 2
I started pretty slow today. Had a big day the day before so I chilled in the morning. Found a small hipster cafe near my hostel which had great coffee. I then went exploring down to Kreuzberg and had some vegetarian food for a late lunch. Actually enjoyed just relaxing.
Went for a stroll, had another coffee. Then I decided to go down to the Typography of Terror.


At the Typography of Terror they have created a timeline of the Nazi rise to power. And then to their demise. Read some pretty horrible facts along the way..

I spent a couple of hours there, there was a lot to read about.

I was kinda spent so I just took it easy after that. I actually grabbed a falafel kebab for dinner. It was actually pretty good even though it wasn’t all that fancy. Quiet day and night but it was good to take a break.

Final Day – Museum Island
My final day had arrived. My trip had flown by. I went out for a workout after breakfast.

Then I made my way to Museum Island.

In Berlin, all the museums are located on the self-explanatory Museum Island. (Didn’t see that one coming)


The museum island has so much to see. So give yourself a day if you want to get amongst it. Although, you can get a pass to all the museums. It was like 18€, otherwise I think you pay about 10€ per museum.

I checked out these museums :
– the Pergamon
This has the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. You can learn a lot about Ancient Babylon and Ancient Middle East.


– the Bode Museum
Many old statues. I’d recommend this one if you are a devout Christian..

– the Egyptian Museum
Pretty random, but I saw and learnt a lot about Ancient Egypt . Saw some sarcophagus’ (not sure what the plural is for that) and Egyptian artefacts.


Then I finished off at the Old National Gallery of Berlin –
I am no artist and I don’t know a great deal about art. But I definitely developed an appreciation for it after visiting the National Gallery. Recommend this the most. I saw works of Monet, Manet and Lieberman (many more but these are the ones I’d heard of).


The museum island is definitely worth a visit (if that’s your thing). It was worthwhile I thought.


I set off in search of the secret Spree Park – an abandoned amusement park.

I made my way down to the nearest S-Bahn station. Spree was a couple of km walk away. It was actually a nice walk.

Although, my recommendation is not to go alone. It got a little secluded and creepy.
I made it to the park but it was all blocked off. The sign warns of dogs (+the rest)

I got to see the abandoned Ferris wheel and the other remains of the park.


Don’t think it’d be a good idea to go at night. Not alone at least.
I decided not to climb the fence because I didn’t want to get mauled. I like my life.

But it’s on my bucket list to go back and climb the fence (maybe with Mel?). The best way in is by sneaking under front gate when the guards aren’t looking…

Anyway, by the time I got back to the hostel it was getting dark. I had an early flight out. So had a quiet beer at the hostel to end the trip.

Flew out pretty early in the morning,

I’ve got so much more exploring to do in Europe.
Til next time!



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