Prague in One Night & Day

In the afternoon, our group left Vienna and made our way out of Austria.

On the way, we stopped at the Mauthausen concentration camp memorial. It was eerie and quite sad to learn about the atrocities that went on there. Didn’t take any photos because it would’ve felt disrespectful. Nonetheless, it was an important visit to remember the victims.

We headed on out of Austria and made our way to Prague.

Arriving at night, we set up our tents and went in to see the city lights. It’s gothic style buildings and castles are gorgeous at night. We also checked out the famous John Lennon Wall. Here are some photos.

We had a nightcap and an early night to rest up after a big day of travel.

Day in Prague

I decided to do another free walking tour, Sandemans are a company that I suggest. I did theirs in Paris also.

It went for three hours and you tip the guide at the end.

We went through the following places. Along the way we learnt a lot about the history of Prague and the Czech Republic.

The old town square and the Astronomical clock (see the pictures from night before)

Powder Castle

Charles Bridge

Rudolphinum Concert Hall (already took a couple of pictures night before)

Jewish Quarter

I believe there may have been a few spots that I missed. But it was a nice walking tour anyway. Big fan!

After the tour, I grabbed some lunch and took a break to talk with Mel.

I had a wander around old town and decided to go back to camp to have a shower and freshen up.

Once I rested up, I made my way back to the Prague Castle late afternoon.

Prague Castle is a must. It is stunning and has a view over the whole city.
Check it out.

The great thing about Prague is that most of the architecture was untouched during world war 2. They were able to preserve its rich history.

After that, I met my group for dinner and a drink. The beers are super cheap in Prague. Usually cheaper than water!

Having a night and day in Prague was a good taster. I have no doubt there is so much to explore.

I am almost at the end of my Eurotrip.

At the end of my trip, Mel will be half way over hers. Pumped to see her!

Off to Berlin for a few days and then I am heading back to Melbourne.



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