Exploring Vienna in One Day

After a lunch stop in Bratislava, we arrived late afternoon in Vienna. We went to the Schoenbrunn Palace for a wander. The Schoenbrunn was the summer palace for the Hapsburg Empire.

It’s massive and can take a while to walk around the palace and gardens. I thought it was quite similar to Versailles in France.


By the end of this I was pretty spent so had dinner and an early one.

The next day I woke up and went on my morning run. After breakfast we went to the Hofsburg Palace, the winter palace of the Hapsburgs. As you can see it’s quite extravagant and is incredible architecture.


Jewish museum

Then I went to the Jewish museum. Similar to the House of Terror in Budapest, it portrays the severe suppression of the Jewish people. Quite interesting to learn about the history.

Cafe central

For lunch I went to the famous Cafe Central. It is high class and has been visited by the likes of Trotsky, Freud and Lenin. They have a set lunch for about 10 euros which isn’t too bad. Other than that, it can be quite pricey.


Demel cafe
One of the best coffee cake combos I have ever had in my life. So good. All the cakes look awesome but I had the raspberry cheesecake. The espresso was on point.


Schnapps tour

After an awesome lunch, I went on a group tour to Fischer Schnapps. We learnt about their history, a bit about how the various products are made. Then we did a tasting, some different options. They’re known for their schnapps. But they also stock absinthe, rocket fuel chilli vodka etc. We all had some samples, gotta say I was a fan of the hazelnut vodka.

Natural History museum

I’d heard about the natural history museum in Vienna. So I went down and it was sweet. They had all sorts of things, from rocks to information on meteors to dinosaur exhibitions. Totally didn’t expect it in Vienna, but it was fun. I could’ve spent most of the day there.

Belvedere castle
I had some street food for dinner at the night market. Then I went to the belvedere castle and gardens. As you can see, it’s really nice. I didn’t go into the museum because it was like 20€. Bit steep but the gardens and buildings were cool to walk around.


Saint Stephens Cathedral
Long day of walking led to the city centre where you can see St Stephens Cathedral. Looks really great at night. Nice way to end a big day!


That was my day and a bit in Vienna. I am off to Prague tomorrow, I’ve heard good things.



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