How I Spent a Day In Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city.

I arrived in Budapest late in the afternoon. We immediately went to check out the city. The only place we had time to check out was Sistenia. The view is quite cool up there!


It started to get dark. So our group set up camp, grabbed dinner and went to the Escape Rooms. Apparently they started in Budapest.

Yes, we managed to escape in under an hour. Then we went over to one of the Ruin bars for a night cap.

Budapest is stunning at night.


Full day in Budapest

Having only one full day, I wanted to make the most of it. I got a quick workout in and went out exploring.

I started by joining a free walking tour. Ive done this in previous cities. It’s a great way to get to know a new city. All you do is tip the tour guide at the end.

Our tour guide gave us some history about Hungary. We walked the city and saw St Stephens Basilica.


Then we were shown the statue of a little girl that represents the freedom of Hungary from the Soviets. People rub the knees for good luck.


The tour finished at the Sistina with the view. I opted not to go because I’d already been. So I tipped the guide and went on.

The House of Terror

I never realised how suppressed the Hungarian people were for most of the 20th century. The house of terror was the Budapest headquarters of both the Nazis (until the end of WW2) and Soviets (up until 1991 I believe).

This place was seriously eyry. It was very insightful. It portrayed how ruthless both the fascists and communists were. The moments that stand out are walking through the old prison cells. Both dark and sad.

If you want to learn more about the history of Hungary, I recommend you visit the House of terror.

Jewish Quarter

After that eye opener, I went wandering through the Jewish Quarter. I didn’t actually go in the Synagogues, but I appreciated the architecture. This synagogue is said to be the second biggest in the world.

By mid afternoon I was pretty hungry.

Central Market

The central market is pretty epic. It’s known for its Hungarian Street Food. I decided to grab a Beef Goulash.

The guy behind the counter was like, ‘Do you want beef and beans?’. I said yeah and he just piled it on. Then he was like, ‘do you want cabbage?’ and again I said yes and again he piled it on. This was the result. Wow.


It was way too hard to eat it all but I had a go. I love trying the street food and the local dishes. It was really nice, recommend checking it out.

Thermal Baths

So after my food digested, I went down to the thermal baths. Budapest is known for them. I decided to go to the Geckert baths.

It was nice and chilled out. I think I needed some down time. I mixed up the thermal baths with time in the sauna.


Was feeling nice and fresh afterward. So I went back to camp site and got ready for a dinner cruise.

Dinner Cruise

This was one of the highlights of Budapest for me. If you can, try and book in a cruise.

The food and wine were both really good. And it was quite cheap (only like 35€ per person). Although we were part of a group so not sure if that affected the price.

And seeing the city at night was incredible. So worth it. See photos below.


End of the night

The group just chilled out and went to Budapests most famous ruin bar. It was so cool and very hipster. Very good nightlife in Budapest, if that’s what your into!

I had a relatively early night. Early bus trip to Vienna tomorrow!

Budapest is so cool. I need to spend more time there.



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