Side trip from León: Chillin’ at Poneloya

I want to say I was in need of a beach break. However, considering I’d only just got back from the Corn Islands and have had a LOT of chill time in Nicaragua (and Costa Rica), it would be more fair to say:

I like the beach and I can do what I want so I will go.

My mini-trip to Poneloya was a last minute idea after seeing a flyer. After talking to another traveller, I decided to stay at the Surfing Turtle Lodge. It is only a half hour drive from León so I got the shuttle there from my hostel (also a Surfing Turtle).

We arrived at Poneloya, where we got a small boat across a river. At a certain point, we got out of the boat and were met by a horse and cart.

The bags went into the cart and we walked down a track to the lodge. Turtles come to this beach to lay their eggs. The lodge has a turtle hatchery and I I think they collect the eggs to protect them from being stolen by people or eaten by animals. They also have small farm with chickens, horses and some plants. It is an off the grid facility, so they use solar power and rain water.

I spent most of my first day on the hammock on top of the bar, overlooking the water. Food & water breaks when necessary. I read and listened to some podcasts, something I never seem to fit in enough at home. The lodge held a beach volleyball tournament in the afternoon and of course I was in! It was lots of fun, but very different to playing at home. Straight after I did a sunset yoga class. The setting was perfect. Up on the platform above the bar, overlooking the ocean as the sun was setting.

Our room had no fans and it was very hot, no breeze. I woke up a few times in the night, until the heat settled down, woke again to the sound of the resident cat have kittens. So random! She had six little sweeties, what an effort!


That morning I really felt like doing a longer run, but the path behind the lodge is only 1km long. Solution: run up and back five times. Happy Mellie! A dog came along with me for the first round and we checked out the beach together. I love running in the mornings, I cannot do without it. A beautiful time of day, and nice to clear the head and turn the legs over.

The rest of my day followed a similar pattern to the previous & most of my beach days on this trip. It followed my mantra perfectly: Eat, beach, read, sleep, repeat. To be fair, it was far too hot to do a lot else. So I chilled out guilt free.

Another hot night in the dorm, this time it was a pesky crab keeping me up. The crab was clip-clopping all of the wooden window, falling down, back up, up and back. My torchlight silenced them for a bit, then another hour or so later, back at it.

The following morning I walked down the beach and found a thatch hut, perfect for a HiiT workout. Cue breakfast and some more reading (almost finished my current book), it was time to head back to León.


Check out what I got up to in León in my next post!








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