How I Spent 3 Days in Croatia

Day 1 – Dubrovnik

After a massive 13 hour day of travel by bus, I made it to Dubrovnik. The group headed out for a late dinner. It was pretty quiet for me.

Woke up pretty early and went out running. The morning sun along the water was gorgeous.

I only had a day or so here so I wanted to make the most of it!

Walking tour

As part of the tour, we had a free walking tour. The guide took us through some of the history and gave us a few fun facts. It was a decent introduction.

City Walls Walk

After a short tour, the tour group went kayaking. I decided not to, I wanted to go check the city out. I walked the city walls (120 Kn) for about an hour. The views were pretty sweet. See the pictures below:

Lokrum Island
After an hour of walking the famous Dubrovnik wall, I decided to go over to Lokrum. This island is about 10 min ferry from old town (cost about 100kn).

It was pretty cool. They had botanical gardens, old historic monuments, and some pretty sweet views of old town Dubrovnik.

I walked around for a few hours there. Quite a lot to see.

Finished off with a swim in the beautiful ocean. Stunning! Again, more to see.

Game of thrones tour

I’m not totally up to speed with Game of Thrones. However, the Game of Thrones tour was pretty great.

I’m only up to about season 4. But I didn’t really feel like there were any spoilers. The guide took a folder with images. This showed the Game of Thrones scene that was shot at the various locations.

The best part of this tour is the views. Some of the places we were taken to, I wouldn’t have known about or how to get to them.

Check out some of the spots below.

After this epic tour, unfortunately I had run out of time. I had dinner with the crew and everyone grabbed a drink.

I wanted to walk to the top of Mt Srgh, but it takes a couple of hours. Next time for sure!

Dubrovnik is epic, would totally recommend the following:
– City Walls walk
– Lokrum Island
– Game of Thrones tour
– Walk up Mt. Srgh

I’ll be back, one day was not enough.

Day 2 – Travel Day

Today was a bus travel today.

It was a long drive to Plitvice, but we had small stop offs in:


And Zadar

Both nice towns. I think I’d definitely need more time in Split. Again, next time.

Day 3 – Plitvice Lakes

One place I was looking forward to was Plitvice Lakes.

It was a long day of travel to get there. But we managed to set up camp about 10 mins away from the Lakes.

The lakes definitely live up to the hype. As soon as you embark on the boardwalk it looks incredible.

There are 4 different walks you can do. A group of us decided to do the ‘K’ walk. It said it would take 7-8 hours. It definitely did not take that long. It took us about half that.

We got to stop 2 on the boardwalk path. This is where you have the option of doing some harder hikes in the mountains. A group of us were totally up for it.

Plitvice Lakes was so touristy. On a narrow Boardwalk, it quickly got frustrating. I’m not going to start a rant..

So we headed off into the mountains for a hike. Worth it.

It was challenging at times, but it was quiet and chill. You can see the mist where we were.

We walked around mountains for about 7km and made our way to Croatia’s biggest waterfall.

Going up to the mountains was awesome because of some views of the lakes. The water is gorgeous and torquois colour.

We finished up at about mid afternoon. It was a pretty cool day, glad I went there.

My best suggestions

– I recommend going off the boardwalk and hiking the mountains. You will see directions at Stop 2 and the hike paths are well marked. Give yourself a few hours to complete.
– The big waterfall is pretty awesome to see.
– Check out some of the caves, just be ready to wait lines.
– The walking times are a little overestimated. Don’t be afraid to take on the 7-8 hour walk.
– Be ready for tourists, everywhere. Annoying and getting in the way. Just keep that in mind

I have to say Croatia has definitely been a highlight. It was one of my main reasons for visiting Europe. So much more to explore, I’ll be back!

Off to Budapest, Hungary today. Should be sweet




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