Sailing in Greece: Visiting Some Lesser Known Islands

Greece was one of the main reasons I chose to visit Europe. Ive seen so many beautiful photos and trip reviews.

I thought itd be cool to join a tour that goes to some of the not so well known spots.

Day 1

We arrived by over night ferry from Ancona to Igounemitsa.

Once we got to Igoitsa, we split up into groups for our sailing cruise. There were 6 yachts I believe. We ended up combining with another top deck crew. They all seemed friendly, so off we went! Was pumped.

Our sailing captain gave us some safety instructions. Then we were ready for 3 days of sun and swimming.

I was pretty pumped.


We stopped off for the night at a tiny island called Syvota. They had water slides, pools and a bar. It was a pretty chilled out evening.


Day 2

Had a decent sleep on the boat. I thought I might be a little sea sick, so far I was okay though. In the morning, I ate and went for a swim which didnt really help. But I soon felt better.

Mostly a pretty chill day. Sailing, swimming, eating, drinking. You can see by some more photos below that it was relaxed.



Got kinda burnt but not too bad. The sun isnt as intense as it is in Australia, its just nice.

We stopped in Corfu Island in a small fishing town.

Got the swordfish for dinner and after we did some greek dancing. Was awesome!

The crew were busting some greek moves. Opa!

I even did this dance where you hold a table up with your teeth. Ended up getting a free shot of ouzo after.

Had a few drinks after dinner but it was still a relatively early night.

Day 3

Woke up for some more coffee and chill time. Basically, had breakast and we got back onto the boat mid morning.

We went to a small island that did some water activities. Ended up getting towed on a donut on the back of a boat. Was pretty sweet and intense, nearly got thrown off a few times.

After lunch on the boat, we were back on our way to finish the sailing. It was so good. We went to different places from the more well known Greek Islands. We are finishing up at Plataria and going to Albania early tomorrow.


Looking forward to chatting with Mel. She looks like she is having fun on Little Corn Island.. I know she was looking forward to it.

I am off to Dubrovnik tomorrow via Tirana, Albania.

Dante x


3 thoughts on “Sailing in Greece: Visiting Some Lesser Known Islands

  1. Awesome post! This really looks like a fantastic experience! Lesser-know places in Greece can be just as beautiful as the well known ones. I went to Athens a year ago and spent a good 4 days in a town/beach area called xylokastro. It was absolutely stunning (and had very few tourists)!

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