Cycling Ometepe

Admiditly, deciding to cycle around the island of Ometepe the day after hiking to the summit of a volcano wasn’t one of my best ideas.

My legs – and whole body – were quite weary. I was determined (stubborn maybe) however to cycle between the two volcanos and see some of the sites. It was my last day on Ometepe so I wanted to make the most of it.

The bike was okay, brakes were terrible and gears were clunky. It did the job though, but I had to work VERY hard up the hills.

The day was clear and not too warm, perfect cycling weather. I passed through many colourful villages, people living in a fairly traditional way. I saw horse and carts, cows & bulls being moved, lots of horses with their foals grazing on the sides of the road, kids off to school, churches, some in a state of disrepair. It was really nice to see these residential areas.

However, it made me very sad to see the poor animals being treated so badly. Probably not badly in comparison, but I hate seeing them locked away, tied up or forced to do what humans say. Especially in such intense heat.

The section of the island going between the two volcanoes was quite challenging and hilly. The downhill bits were awesome fun though! Wind in my hair, flying down hills. The scenery amazing, especially when I had both volcanoes in view.

After almost two hours of riding I arrived at Ojo de Agua. This is a natural spring fed by an underground river. The water is crystal clear, the landscape tropical. It’s definitely been transformed into a pool like environment which is a standard tourism move. All the same, it was gorgeous. It rained and stormed for a bit so I read my book with a juice and listened to the sounds.

I swam and chilled by the pool for a while.


I set off again, this time just ten mins up and over some hills to Playa Santo Domingo. This is a black sand beach and honestly, it gets more hype than it deserves. It is pretty with Volcan Maderas in the background, but nothing close to Caribbean beaches!

I stopped for lunch and was stoked to find a vegetarian restaurant -Natural. Very tasty!

I wanted to visit the petroglyphs a little further on but made the sensible decision to head back. It was almost 3pm already and had started to rain. I didn’t want to be riding when it got dark.

The first half an hour of the return trip was all hills. It was messed up, I was hating life and cursing the rubbish gears. Thankfully after that, there were lots of long stretches of downhill, weeeeeeee! Super fun! I made it back a lot quicker.

After 4.5 hours riding covering 45km, I was once again spent. Ometepe, your volcanic terrain almost got me, but not quite.


I’m leaving Ometepe to head back to the mainland. The colonial city of Granada is my next stop.

Happy adventuring,

Mel 🙂






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