My Experience of Roma – And My Best Advice

Visiting Roma for four days

Day 1 
Arrived in Rome in the afternoon and made my way from the Airport to the termini station. Luckily,  my hostel was only a few streets away from the train station.
Stayed at a hostel called Hostel Beauty. Like Paris, nothing fancy but it was good enough for me. It was in a decent location that’s only about a 15 min walk from the colosseum.
I managed to get some lunch and join a free walking tour from the Spanish steps. These walking tours are awesome, because you get shown around by the locals. They do these tours at 10am (to the Vatican) and 4pm (to Colleseum) each day.
So I joined the 4pm tour.
It went through the following places:
– Spanish steps
– Fontana Di Trevi
– Roman forum: This is awesome. Was once known as the centre of the known world.
– Outside the Colleseum: Try going at night
Then I went back to the hostel and met a group of British lads and an American. We ended up hanging out down at the Colleseum at night. They actually put on a light show at the Colleseum. Pretty sweet.
The group of us wandered around the city and decided it would be fun to go swimming in one of the fountains. It was totally fun. But the cops didn’t think so and told us it was ‘nona acceptabla’. So we kept walking and eventually called it a night.
Day 2
Got up and went for a run around the city. I’ve been enjoying running around new cities. It’s been fun and I’ve got a bit lost a few times.
After breakfast, headed out on the 10am walking tour to the Vatican. It went through the following landmarks:
– Column of Marcus Aurelias
– Pantheon
– Piazza Navona
– Castel Sant’angel
And ended up at the Vatican:
I decided to keep walking on to the Museum and Sistine Chapel. The line was massive, like 2 hour wait. So I paid 28€ to skip the line. Was worth it.
Walked through the museum. Some pretty incredible history there. Amazing art.


Once you get through the museums you reach the Sistine Chapel.
Even though it’s super touristy, it’s a must.
The art on the roof painted by Michelangelo is a must see. The detail is incredible, so much work must have gone into it. I believe it took him almost 5 years to paint for the Pope at the time.
After seeing a tonne of history, I left the Vatican.
I spent the rest of the day sipping espressos, eating ice cream and had a pizza with salad for dinner. Three of my favourite foods/drinks. Was a pretty great day. Did so much walking so it was a chilled evening.
Day 3
I decided to have a bit slower start to the day. Got up a bit later. Went looking for a gym. Found one. I asked for ‘uno sessione’ and she told me it would be 30€. Outrageous. So I got out of there pretty quickly and did my normal run etc.
Because the last two days were pretty busy, a lot of walking, I decided to do my own thing.
I went wandering and went in some pretty cool churches. If you get the chance, just go into an ‘off the map’ church in Rome. They are stunning and there aren’t many tourists around.
I came across some more ancient ruins along the way. One is called the portico of Octavia. Some pretty cool structures still standing there.
After that I went into the Basilica Di Santa Maria. Here I went into the Crypt of Hadrian. The bones of St. Valentino are also located here.
I spent the rest wandering and had a late lunch/gelato/espresso.
Pretty sweet day. Actually ended up doing a tonne of walking again.
Later in the evening, I had to tick an item of the list. I had pasta and nice glass of red at the Piazza Navona. When in Rome!
Final day in Rome
Had a solid sleep, went out for morning run in the sun and the rest. Then stopped for a morning coffee on the way back. Had breakfast, showered and then it was time to check out of my hostel.
I had a couple of hours to kill so I went on a walk and some a couple more nice churches, San pietro Vincoli and Santa Maria.
My top deck tour started in the afternoon. It was about an hour trip to get to the meeting spot. Not really sure what to expect with the tour. I’ve heard that joining half way is not the best idea. I’m sure it’ll be sweet though, I’m not fussed I just want to hang out in cool places.
Had an adventure getting to the camping grounds. I was gonna have a rant on here but I won’t. Mel knows all about my adventure… Haha
The group seems cool and friendly. We have our own chef. Spent the afternoon preparing my bag to head over for 3 days sailing in Greece.
Here are my Takeaways from Rome
– Go see the Colosseum at night. If you’re with a group, take some drinks too. It’s cool and not as busy at night. Even saw a light show!
– See some random churches. They are spectacular even if they aren’t on the map. Note that I’m not devoutly religious.
– The Trevi Fountain is nice but way too crowded. Personally I’d avoid it if I went again.
– Pizza, pasta and gelato. Worth it when in Rome
– If you’re going to the Vatican museum/Sistine chapel, just pay to skip lines. It’s a long wait otherwise especially in the heat.
Anyway, hope that helps. Had a ball in Rome. Off to sail Greece tomorrow!
Dante x

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