A Solo Hike Not Far From Melbourne

Recently, Mel hurt her ankle on a long run. She has been preparing herself for an upcoming marathon on the Gold Coast.

I was craving a hike and was keen on getting out of the city for the day.

Even though Mel couldn’t make it, I thought I’d make the best of my Sunday and go out looking for an adventure.

This led me to Werribee Gorge State Park. (No, it’s not in Werribee the suburb)

Werribee Gorge is only about 45 minutes from Melbourne. It’s the perfect day spot for a cheeky hike.

I woke up pretty early on a Sunday, packed my backpack and went out in search for the Gorge. Mel has recommended it to me before.

The day was a little wet and overcast. A bit of rain wasn’t going to stop me.

I arrived at the Quarry Car Park at Werribee Gorge mid-morning. Nobody was around, which was what I was looking for. A quiet spot.

After having a quick look at the map, I chose to walk the 10km Circuit Track around the Gorge.

It started off with a pretty close encounter with a group of wallabies. They were out in numbers, it might have been because it was early. They let me get pretty close to them, which was fun.

I set off on my track, following the markers for the 10km loop.

Here is ‘Viewpoint 1’. The weather in the morning actually turned out to be quite reasonable.

I potted along after that. It was quite muddy at certain points. None the less it was good to get some fresh air!

You reach a certain point in the Circuit Track where all you have to do is follow the river.

I got to see some awesome formations. I read that centuries ago, Werribee Gorge was formed from glaciers.

“Werribee Gorge has attracted the attention of geologists last century as one of the earliest known ancient glacial deposits, parts of which can be seen by the observant visitor.” Thanks, Wikipedia!

There is a part of the hike where you have to climb across the rocks over the water. You get to hold to some metal rope, which definitely helps.

I didn’t take photos of rock climbing (because I knew I’d drop my phone in the water if I did). Here is a photo from Trip Advisor to give you an idea.


Once you get over the rocks, it’s pretty nice walk that finishes right back at the Quarry Car Park. (There are a few car parks to start from).

This is definitely do-able in a morning. It only took me a few hours.

Give it a shot. It’s not far from Melbourne and quite straightforward to get to! Sunday morning well spent!






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