A Mini-Adventure To Check Out When Time Is Limited

Last weekend Mel and I planned on doing a big hike down at the Cathedral Ranges. But, our schedules wouldn’t allow for a full day trip. Which is fine.

We’ve got the Cathedral Ranges on our list. But I thought I’d take Mel on a mini-adventure to a place 45 minutes from Melbourne called Mt. Macedon.

It’s actually a simple and easy drive up there from Melbourne. Straight run pretty much. I wanted to show Mel all the Autumn leaves. Looks pretty cool. Tends to attract a lot of tourists..



(…ruined a perfectly good photo with my Blue Steel)

So I decided to get away from the crowds and take Mel on a hike near the Memorial Cross at Mt. Macedon. It is a massive cross commemorating Australian soldiers who fought in both world wars. Quite fitting that it was Anzac Weekend.

We went off on a hike. It was only a short one, about 4.5km, but it was nice to get some fresh air. It was quite nice scenery, pretty muddy but it was a fun walk. Actually getting down to the the bottom was easy.

20160424_122925 (1)
Tip: Just remember that you will have to walk back up to the top.

Got a good sweat up, quite a workout. Worked them legs.

So it was about an hour and a half walk. We made back to the top near the cross.

Definitely worth checking out. As I said, definitely something you can fit in half a day.

We were pretty content with the mini-adventure.

We decided then to drive back through the Town. I wanted to take Mel to the Trading Post Cafe but it was jam packed with Tourists. So we went for a Brunch session in Gisborne. Can’t remember the name of the cafe but the Vegetarian breakfast was tops. Will go back.

There you go. A mini-adventure to get you going. Totally worth it if you’re looking for a quick breath of fresh air and quiet time.



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