3 Things I learnt from visiting Wilson’s Prom

Well this is my first adventure blog. Here goes nothing.

So I thought I’d share my first time visiting Wilson’s Prom in Victoria, about 2 hours from Melbourne.

We began by driving up in the dark on a Friday night after work. You could feel the cold as you headed closer and closer to the prom. And we finally arrived in the dark to our camping site.

Hardly being able to see a thing, we set up our tent, mattress and all the rest. Finally after a busy week for both of us, we had some chill time. Mel and I were both looking forward to getting some rest and a decent sleep in.

Which brings me to my first pointer.

  1. Don’t simply set up your tent anywhere when it’s dark (maybe have a little look around)

So here we were, all settled and ready to get a decent sleep in. Both of us slept lights out.

But, we were quick to learn that the tents about 10m across from us were full of families with young children…

I don’t even know what the time was. It was early. But Mel and I were awoken to loud children running around screaming. Along with the parents talking in a foreign language. I swear it was like 6am. The serenity.

So even its dark, take a little bit of extra time to review the area before you put up your tent. It might save you from a morning headache.

Anyway, we got out of bed, had some breakfast. Fortunately, the camping area we stayed at was popular and they had a kiosk. Which meant they had coffee. Which meant Happy Dante.

I had my coffee, we got our maps from the friendly people at Parks Vic and we were both pumped for our first hike. Mel had told me all about the great scenery at the Prom so I was ready to go!

This is us as we walked up the steep terrain and decided to do our first hike. It was to a place called Sealers Cove (6 hour round trip walk, 27km)


It was quite a long walk, but totally worth it as we headed through some quiet and beautiful rain forests.

Here you see the boardwalk that stretched a few kilometres.

20160409_152808 (1).jpg

It’s so awesome as the boardwalk finishes and you end on the beach. Check out the chill spot below20160409_151143 (2).jpg

We had a much needed break on the beach, had a bite to eat and we were back on our way.

About an hour back in, we walked through the rain forest and found our next chill spot (and had our next snack)

We kept walking back to our campsite and along the way we stopped to watch the sunset. It was awesome.

20160409_173446 (1).jpg

After the sunset, we ran into our friends Mr. Wallaby and Mrs.Wallaby. They were pretty relaxed. Mel was pretty excited to see them. The photo isn’t that good but you can kinda see Mr. Wallaby.


After about 27km of walking we made it back to our campsite. Now time for number 2…

2) Don’t leave your food out on the ground, wombats like food

We both showered and then set up for dinner. I cooked a super good dinner (because I am like Jamie Oliver level chef) and then we were greeted by a Wombat.

He came and decided he was hungry and proceeded to look through all our stuff for food.

I don’t think he got much, maybe some chips I dunno. You can kinda see him in the photo.


So on another note, we decided to literally lift up our tent and move to another park of the park. It was much more peaceful and we managed to get a little bit of a sleep in the next day.

Our next hike was to the Mt. Oberon. It was quite a steep walk up. Not too bad though.

3) Just be careful when you get to the top of Mt. Oberon. It gets pretty windy

As you can see in this photo, we must have got our timing a little wrong. It was misty and we were in the clouds. I took a photo and you can see how windy it can get. You could probably get swept off pretty easily..



Anyway, we got about 40km of walking done over the weekend (according to Mel’s FitBit).

Awesome weekend. Highly recommend The Prom. We just scratched the surface. There is so much hiking/bushwalking that you can do there. Only a few hours from Melbourne. Go check it out.

Dante x


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